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Gr. 12 Comm-Tech

Very much a course of study inspired by teaching at such institutions such as Humber College’s Film and Television Production and Ryerson’s Film, Radio and Television Program, the goal of the Gr. 12 program is to provide learners with “deep learning” opportunities where project-based application is extensive and multidisciplinary. In regards to critical theory, students were introduced to Andrew Sarris’ Authorship Theory through the framework of Steven Spielberg’s body of work; looking at the importance of the “author” within popular media text. Within the context of the “auteur theory” students also studied the works of Joe Dante – the director of Gremlins and The ‘Burbs.

One Minute Film Productions:

Challenged to tell a story within 1 minute, this project stemmed from the students critical understanding of authorship theory. Students were challenged to reflect on their previous film works and make a new film that fit within the critical and stylistic tone of previous work.

Short Films:

With and overall course focus on authorship through video production the students produced a number of video productions for the big screen. The students’ ability to work collaboratively to produce a number of productions is a testament to their skill level and industry ready attitude.

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