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Gr. 11 Comm-Tech

Progressing from Gr. 10 where students were introduced to communication theory and the politics of media through cultural pillars such as race, gender and ethnicity, Gr. 11 students delved into a critical genre discourse where they were challenged to understand the layered complexity of media a mode and enabler of colonization. With a focus on race and representation, Gr. 11 students explored topical films such as Black Panther, Get Out, Us and Night of the Living Dead.  

Genre Trailers:

With the goal to showcase their critical understanding of genre as a cultural study along with their practical production skills, students worked diligently to produce creative, innovative and provocative genre trailers for an original film. The goal for learning was to leverage production skills to shape a narrative that worked within a particular genre of student choice. This allowed students to showcase their understanding of genre as cultural and the application of their enriched production skills. 
Poster Design:

An introduction and refresher from Gr. 10 Communications Technology, students in Gr. 11 worked to expand upon their understanding of to create original movie posters. The goal with the poster design was to not only demonstrate creative and practical design skills but to illustrate narrative through a graphic medium.

Students also participated in both the Star Wars: Last Jedi and Avengers Infinity War Poster Challenges, supported exclusively by the marketing team at Disney Canada who voted on the top three poster designs with the winning students attending both the Canadian premieres for Star Wars the Last Jedi and Avengers Infinity War

Magazine Layout and Shirt Design:

With the goal to build transferable design skills that can live across all subject areas, students continued to foster their layout design skills with the development of magazine covers and two-page spread layouts. Also, students worked diligently to create original logos and graphics suitable for t-shirt design. 

Short Genre Film:

With a focus on narrative, students worked to develop a short film that not only speaks to their critical understanding of genre but also the three-act structure of storytelling. Challenged to be provocative and reflective of their personal voice, the films produced illustrate both technical skill and critical maturity.

All short films are established on authentic introduce practice of proposal design and funding. As such, in groups, students work to develop a funding proposal. The teacher, acting as an executive producer, supports the development of the project and then “green lights” it when it is deemed ready for production. The goal of the proposal is to provide students with a real-world discourse to justify their film and also develop the narrative and style before production begins.

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