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Gr. 10 Comm-Tech


With a focus on media literacy as cultural literacy and the need for students to evolve from passive consumers to active producers, Gr. 10 Communications Technology provides learners with an authentic introduction to both media literacy and digital communication production. With learning grounded in communication theory and the critical understanding of media as construct of lived cultural, social and political values, students transformed into producers who leveraged their technical production skills to shape meaning.

Commercials and I Minute Films:

With the goal to provide students with an opportunity to harness new production skills to establish a short narrative, the production of commercials allowed students to shoot and edit a short commercial as a marketing exercise grounded in meaning. 

Students also produced a number of 1 minute short films that reinforced their critical and practical understanding of video production with a focus on “master shots and coverage.”

Print Layout:

By leveraging Adobe Photoshop Elements, students were introduced to effective layout and design skills that allowed for the the generation of both professional graphics but also narrative discourse. This was evident in the design of theatrical movie posters, Blu Ray cases along with participation in an Avengers: Endgame Poster Challenges, supported exclusively by the marketing team at Disney Canada who voted on the top three poster designs with the winning students attending the Canadian premiere of the film. 

Short Film Monologue:

Grounded within the context of the horror genre, Gr. 10 students developed and produced original shorts that showcased their cultural understanding of horror as a genre that speaks to shared and/or individually driven anxiety. In understanding the genre, students harnessed their technical skills to shape dynamic stories for the big screen.


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