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Welcome to Ignite

Welcome to the 5th annual Ignite Digital Media Showcase hosted by Chaminade College School’s Communications Technology program.

On May 29  at Silver City Yorkdale, the Chaminade Communications Technology program will be hosting an incredible evening that celebrates all students and their respective achievements within the digital and communicative arts.

From short films that will premiere on the big screen to the digital work on display in the theatre’s lobby, all students worked vigorously towards an experiential showcase that promises to showcase the great potential of student critical and creative voice.

During the course of this school year, student learning was enriched by the viability of a connected classroom; a classroom where student work and voices live beyond the walls of the school and are readily shared online. As such, by harnessing social media, students benefited from the connection with expert voices, which truly transformed the high school experience. This includes holding Skype conversations with Graphic Designer and Illustrator Paul Shipper (poster designer for Steven Spielberg and Lucas Film LTD.) and academics including Tananarive Due from UCLA who addressed the politics of race in Hollywood film and grounded the students’ critical reading of both Get Out and Us.  Also, through a critical study of film authorship and genre studies, students have received an intimate learning experience shaped by conversations with director Joe Dante (Gremlins, The ‘Burbs).

Furthermore, students continued in their collective efforts in marketing and design with the exclusive poster challenges sponsored by Disney Canada. With the warm support of Greg Mason, the Vice President of Marketing at Disney Canada, along with his team, student poster designs for Avengers: End Game were assessed.  Students were provided with critical feedback by the Disney team and groups of students were selected to attend the Canadian premiere of the film, where their work was put on display.

With all of this, the success of the Communications Technology program is a testament to all students and their commitment to learning.

Warm congratulations are extended to all students!

All of the celebrated work for Ignite will be live on this website on May 30th, 2019. 

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